Cherry toes, pointed gingerly so
Daintily sliding on white stockings
Upraised slightly high on her thighs

Strumming her fingers on their underside
Making sure the lace is in a purfect line
Affixing them on her waist w/each clasped vine

The arch of her foot accentuated by her heels
Trussed around her slender ankles they wrapped
5 inches adorned with white satin & steel capped

Slender legs reaching to her lovely ass
Gazing up to her back, beyond her ass crack
Sweet and delicate like the rest; if you ask

On her maroon velour chaise lounge
She poised for you to only see her back
Twisting on her side; she looks you in the eyes

Puckering her glossy red lips; blowing you a kiss
Bare but in her willowy white under ware
Waiting for you; for her body to share……