Standing atop the cliff; completely alone
An emperors cloak to coat this cold
Choices to be made, in blood’s sake’s name

My toughened-up skin, from family & kin
I was blessed & did eventually win:
Two wonderful children
A lover who liked, as much as I, to sin

I always made time for peace & to atone
As you encapsulated my scarred heart
Handing me hope from our very start

Pasts to be forgotten; miss-givens
Children will always be children; sinnin’
A lover; yet, is he really the villain

Don’t make me pick
Don’t make me choose
Someone will always lose

I Love my children more than I
Their errs, I have caught & some taught
They will always hold my strings taut

That’s why I’ve not fallen; off this cliff
25 yrs; some, for sure, farthest from bliss!
Yet, my very first; number one, be’love’d kiss

Believe, I will always love thee; three