This is about cutting & suicide. Do not read if of not interest. Thank you…..My expression is never to offend or trigger anyone.   Forewarning, I always try to remember to put a *caution*………we are all here learn, love, & grow!


Much Love & Light


Naked; water pouring over her head & all
Sinking slowly down the shower stall
She drank way too much alcohol

There is no knife nor blade for finality
A razor is the for sure, only way
Releasing her to be free from all of her reality

Bitter salts as the inner arguments fought
Her urge to completely purge her heart
Savoring each sting she slips another ring

Blood of life is all she’s got to sacrifice
Pain being released with each deep slice
She quietly hissed,
“it’s going to be okay”

Those where her last words that very day….