In a crystal blue haze
Her mind half dazed & crazed
Mental state frayed& delayed

Bars of their bindings by blood
Repeat the cycle as done by the elders
Shove it all under other’s rugs & shelter

She tripped & fell into her own real hell
Kiss me, was his filthiest drunken words
Her; life wishing for, instead, a ride in a hearst

Sliming down her skin, she felt him spy
She quickly covered any exposed flesh of thigh
This was, by far, not right for family to that far

She denied his wild eyes; vacant, deep in her eyes, to his surprise
You… are, by far, not her first perverted outburst; rehearsed
She’s been beat & burned by her, once, universe

Invisible; she’s time again to fade to black
That’s where you wickeds have placed her back
So you could fuck all her openings & cracks

Sick fuckers…..always attack those who are weak
Awareness & consent; all too little to speak
Deviant behavior & their psychopathic techniques

Mattered mostly to keep them all from unknowing
Maybe tell a friend, a hushed secret to keep
No child dare ever run or retreat

Please, if you are being abused at home OR by ANYONE PLEASE…. I BEG!!     SPEAK UP To someone who can HELP! I LOVE YOU