About to swallow that last sip of her mixed drink
Wanting to stop it all, just let it settle; sink
Wondering & pondering; yet, trying not to think

Unable to handle any passive aggressive toxicity
Not in a position to responsibly deal w/it
In her heart, always knew she’d never to fit

Keeping her kept……
She’s mentally inept!

Collapsing; suffering more whilst quite sane
Memories & visions of what has all became
Wading out of those muddled waters; once claimed

A lifetime she lost, is to what, it all cost
Happiness, below her hidden tears
Lurking alone, 4 empty walls, for years

Slicing and dicing was her pleasure to pain
Her habit was the worst of all; unconstrained
She couldn’t stop the whisperings’ in her name

The tones to carry thousands of feelings & thoughts
Saying too little; caring, more than least not
Their arrogance bequeaths burnt pride; a settled score

She to give less, to those who created the mess
Boundaries built & not willing to digress
She is sorry, she can not accept their request

She, will always cherish but chooses to step outta line
Please know you’re not far from her mind!
You both shared some beautiful times…

She can rewind……”please, no drama this time!”
For, her, this is best…..They, let it to rest!
She hopes you have a good time & wishes you the best!