Gently with how you handle your sweet
Snack pack or grand daddy treat
Your package, need be, tidy & neat

Slide your fingers down the seam
Wanting’ly to fill your mouth w/nougat creme
Salivating as you get caught up in the daydream

Delicately looking for the opening to crack
Twisting it over to expose the back
Tear it not, nor rip it wide open; on the spot

Slide your finger into that crease
Gently spreading apart to expose that masterpiece
Your fantasy hath come alive; sortofspeak

Before you know it, you slide it in
Thrusting it in as far as it will ascend
Not thinking of how quickly it might end

You can’t hold back anymore;
You rupture in a sweet frenzied fit
& that was the end of it……..