I’ve lost my mind over time
I feel the shifts as they go amiss
One to pop up and ruin all of it

I see the changes in my thoughts
I wish I could explain more; a lot
It’s like an invasion of someone else’s thoughts

New emotions to permeate the skin & w/in
To twist and manipulate what was just then
Taking over, kinda like, for a friend…only to mend

Fighting for life as one is all ready dead
Too many thoughts creating confusion instead
Needing shifts to just stop within the head

Bantering & berating all, is what they do
It’s really NOT ME but YOU….haha…..who would’a knew
I wish there was a way to tell you anyway…..

…..I didn’t ask or provoke this in such way
It’s so taxing in and of every which way
I’m getting older & tired of living this way

Please help those w/mental illnesses in any capacity