Blessed be the new day to me
Yet, further in my core it’s crying why it be?
Why another day walking around as me?

Why’s It so hard to be steady?
Why so hard to be ready?
What’s the big fucking deal?

One day it’s blossoms and bliss
Next it’s the devil & she’s pissed
Others not of such significance

Barely able to hear & loss of ability to speak
Screaming help as you’re drown out
Another one has taken your place; checked-out

Back from the mirror you see
A complete stranger to thee
OMG what & who do you be?

A complete mutation of what you’d see
Lesser you look the more your soul is free
Stop counting on others to understand or believe

We all live w/in our rationality
Who’s to say what you believe is not to be conceived
It’s time to set free those hindering falsehoods that be