Their Ill ways needing redemption
Their deeds of merciless vengeance
Immorality birthed from their conception

Hardship in this world, as you did grow
Foreboding’ly caged & in your mind a zoo
Sanity had slipped past before you knew

Your keeper hath run far to forget you
No more bars nor gates to make you hesitate
It’s time for you to forage ahead; no more dread

Sneers, glares, and back hairs hack’eld
Personalities, those of vicious jackals; displayed
Dankest of their minds exposed; sick serenade

Wanting to be squared away & sane
Reveal what’s inside is a dangerous game
You go to explain, luci’didly, summarily………….

….you broke down & wept…….
Not able to take any more of it
Hiding behind masks chipped, cracked, & w/dents

You mentally undress
Slowly to confess your mess
……..You are clearly insane & inept

A child birthed of vengeance
Life full of torment due to other’s repentances
Yet, that child received a full life sentence

Penance Was Her Name