Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings


Cherry toes, pointed gingerly so
Daintily sliding on white stockings
Upraised slightly high on her thighs

Strumming her fingers on their underside
Making sure the lace is in a purfect line
Affixing them on her waist w/each clasped vine

The arch of her foot accentuated by her heels
Trussed around her slender ankles they wrapped
5 inches adorned with white satin & steel capped

Slender legs reaching to her lovely ass
Gazing up to her back, beyond her ass crack
Sweet and delicate like the rest; if you ask

On her maroon velour chaise lounge
She poised for you to only see her back
Twisting on her side; she looks you in the eyes

Puckering her glossy red lips; blowing you a kiss
Bare but in her willowy white under ware
Waiting for you; for her body to share……


A numbness to cross your soul
Feelings are all lost; you out of control
Needing to know your alive; so, you bleed

Your treacherous tears flow
Wickedly wild laughter in tow
Never to know which will show

Throw-away friendship is of your cost
Never bonding with another to cross
Exhausted on trying; you are accepting’ly lost

Forever & a day, to have passed long ago
Only love to have known to be true
Taken by vicious families to ensue

A wanderer you are meant to be
A place never to call home; you see
Keep searching but all you’ll find is those lost

Lead some to the light
Bring back words of peaceful insight
Give hope to the hopeless left w/plights

That’s the life that you have been given
Stop your misfortune and misgivings
Correct your path & start giving & living

Here Kitty!

A streak of jet black
Skirting around corners
Just within your night vision sight

Her eyes, you become, easily mesmerize
Her green jewels, you spy
Glistening in the moonlit sky

Closer you draw
Still, yet, taking your time
She’s known to be skittish & jump the line

Sensing your sincerity
Allowing you to approach
Unspoke; she purred as you encroached

Stroking down her beautiful back
Arched all the way down to her ass
Smacking it w/a little whack

Careful, she’s quick to attack
From one too many smacks
Yet, will lovingly lick you after the spat

After all….she’s YOUR loving cat!

One In A Million

Lust me 
Love me
Take me 
Touch me

Taunt me
Tease me
Tempt me
Teach me

Kiss me
Lick me
Bite me
Delight me

Caress me
Undress me
Fondle my naked flesh
Love me unlike ....
the rest


The heavens are hers
She wished them so
Deities have heard & bestowed

Simple desire & request
She doesn’t give up her soul
That’s for when lovers grow old

Peace of those who have served right
Blessings to those who’ve brought delight
Well wishes for those vile instead of spite

Pity the weaker who try to cause strife
The ones wielding a double edged knife
Quickly find themselves in the afterlife

Bountiful wills befalls her way
No more worries of each & every day
Able to eat the foods unpoisoned from GMO decay

The heavens are hers
She wished them so
Deities have heard & bestowed

She’s given what she’s been owed; gold!

Screaming inside

Worms eating her alive
Ripping tissues to tears
Raping of esteem replace w/fears

Spiraling down…no one around
Floundering, to tread that water
Falter & too many gasps turn gurgle
No one will hear a single sound nor be found

Sinking faster than in quicksand
Desperate; confused; & lost
Hope hath been since gone for too long
No one strong to hold a hand to carry on

Losing reality
Calling it quits
Feeling to beginning to slip
Not knowing how long this vacation/trip

Lost of all grips to reality
Grabbing that razor
Cutting it really quick

Bringing back reality a little bit
Blackness oozing down the sides
Vision to blur to finally black……….ness

She’s Sucked Up

Between her sheets
Covering her windows
The sun intrusively beats
Morning has come hither to greet

Crust in her eyes;hair matted & dry
Its been days since she’s felt alive
Needing that fix; her, denial to quit
Wondering who’s cock shes gonna have to lick

Sliding on panties crusted with day old cum
Another journey for her has just begun
Her care for herself; she has none
Who gives a fuck; she’s another fiend to fuck

A pill to pop
A line up the nose
A rock to roast
A needle to make the final overdose

Numbed to her reality of no hope
Her spirituality corroded with dope
Not a rational thought to help her cope
This is her life; full spectrum scope

Lost hope …..stuck on dope!


this area is riddled w/homeless drug abusers (and mentally ill). It’s so bad I call them ZOMBIES….they are, and it’s an epidemic…..what are “we” as the people to do to take care of our fellow “human”…..where are the answers to this horrific degradation of our human race….<sigh>…..close to heart & it’s close to a family memeber.  I have never dabbled in drugs at all except for cannabis and that’s a whole other line of conversation I’ll save for another time.


Thank you for reading some of my art…Much Love & L8ght

She’s Faded

Far away to travel
Into the evergreen mist

Family to not be found
None available around

Amongst herself alone
Between these lines; she found home

Yet, too much thought
Looking more than not

Under boulders & rocks
Consciousness slipped & got lost

Past is of in her constant future
Scars left from idiotic sutures

Nows to call to it quits
Enough w/the tantrums & fits

Time to end all of it!

Please, Don’t Share

Gruesome views shown to you
Scrolling through your news reel
Not wishing to see the abuse unveiled

Only if you have a good heart
A beaten child; don’t you care?
Like, copy, & share!!!!

A beaten hound
A bloodied wife; crying on the ground
Black & blue toddler, maybe 2, found

10 thousand camel’s fleas;
On you they will feed
If you don’t share, how could thee not?

Stop the violence; expose their crimes
Upheaval of emotions gone wild
A disgrace for those horrendous acts so vile

No heart, so they’ll scream and say
Jesus you can’t believe in anyway …..unless….
You share these horrid pictures for others to see

Press the word w/graphics so traumatizing
Horror for an emotion is better than none?
Desensitize & demoralize societal norm

Denouncing of other’s emotional woes
Showing others “you don’t know ”
Suffering, sadness & rage are the…….



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