Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings


Trying to stifle my words of expression
Feelings do not die; they may hide
Mutate in where they reside

Once, wishes to dreams
Possibilities; so, it had seemed
Everything impurrfect by scheme

Fallen trap to that sticky web
Ignoring all the warning signs ahead
Following heart is where you’ve been led

Once more, you enact to profess,
“Go find better! Yet, I am the best!”
Some days it feels none could love me any less

Oh, I should be ever so blessed
Cherish in your arrogant presence
Sheer beauty of your agitated essence

Once words to grow cynically vicious
I stop to resist, throwing a full fledged fit
The anger, I dismiss & rely on wit

My words will not be dismissed
Not deleted nor retracted, I INSIST
My feelings are mine to admit even when pissed



What a waste…..

Air to have grown stale & bitter cold
You’re wound too tight; alright
All you do is constantly fight
Makes me ill at just the thought

Smile and grin; muster my energy w/in
Say “good morning,” once again
When will the chastising begin?
What will I do or my family, too?

I’m over the constant banter
I’m tired of the constant bitch
Something is always amiss
Every fucking day; one of us gets dissed

You screaming hate in my face
I asked you to leave my space
What an utter fucking waste
Just to be a dick; didn’t leave my place

You make me know to hesitate
How could I fathom a man of distaste
Disrespected and blatantly disgraced
Your words show to spit in my face

What a waste…………………


Chastisingly wise; awaiting my demise
I saw the devil himself; dancing in thine eyes
Ramblings of a mad woman; filled w/foolish lies
Memories of hope until she came to me high on dope
Her eyes rolled wide; she took a labored sigh
Leaving a world to which she did not survive

I’m Yours

Touch my soul beyond our words
One where there is contentment & accord
Escape me into a different reality; yours




Orange’d leaves, start to be falling
Covering the grounds, we be walking
The crisp autumn air comes stalking
Order in the array of the colors displayed
Beware of the goolies & gobblins
Everybody trick or treat; halloween knocking
Ready set let’s get rocking OCTOBER!

Final Thought(s)

When days are numbered what does one think?
What is it that crosses ones’ mind to speak?
Is it like imagined or a new epiphany?

Our last blissful moments are here to sow
Thoughts bobbing & weaving; to and fro
How are we to settle, when we don’t know?

Meditate, you may, to learn to let love grow
Attain new things; to keep that glow
Staying stagnant is an injustice to the flow

Every level has their own new depths
Dipping in the toes; just wet
Never delving too far deep; shallow steps

For, many truths behind lies of reasons to why
Ponder the big bang or man in the sky
It is just a means of a matter to occupy

Silence, more than it’s never to be not
The voids are many that interlock
Spaces between the words, teach a lot

Alone & on the porch; rocking in her chair
Pondering her thoughts, twisting her hair
Waiting on the Reaper, it is his turn to share


Poured, spilled, & sometimes misread
What was it that crept in your head; instead?
Guilt building unto dread?
What resonated in your mind?
Did you see what it was I had to rhyme?
Did you read each word; line for line?
Into the depths of the ink you’d climb
Seeking out that one last spark of hope
How many triggers had been provoked?
Was your spirit crushed to be broke?
Listen to learn; don’t always stay concerned
It’s not in the words my heart does lay
It’s in the arms of the man at my side; today
Multifaceted in many of my words
Do not take it verb for verb
It is a collage of, even, the absurd
Remember they are only



She awaited that blissful day
She, so wished, to be whisked away
Rescued from the miserable grey[s]

She saw his visions; not of her own
She wanted to make his heart her home
Fond of his existence, more than her own

In order; of no, surprise
She’d fallen fool to his frivolous lies
She wasn’t all that wise; I surmise

Failing to see the life he’d led
Mislead her into another to lead
Her soul quietly weeps to bleed

How truly sad she be…..


Reality stripping; mining that silver lining
Sanity slipping, losing; defeat
Death gripping, hiding, ready to eat

Effort presented; gifted and granted
Resentment is not due to advancement
Numbness is the only enhancement

Losing sight of how to cope to see
Overdosed on non-dimensional facts that bleed
Which universe is your reality?

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